Anders Ojgaard

M.A. Architecture & Design
M.A. Communications Science

Home town
Valencia, Spain

Anders Ojgaard BW

I am a dedicated professional with a background in tech, architecture, startups, business, media and communications.

This is my personal blog. Thoughts and ideas relating to business, tech, urban design, media, politics and what not. The stuff that tends to occupy my mind and needs an outlet.

I am Danish, and Copenhagen is a nice place but can feel a bit twee at times. That’s why I try to always keep a global outlook and have lived in Argentina, Italy, Spain and the UK ― and why I write this blog in English. I currently live in Valencia, Spain.

When I am not hammering the keyboard here, I am or was:

waremakers logo
CEO and founder of global marketplace for premium products ‘Waremakers’.
kbh logomark
Founder and editor-in-chief of multi-award winning urban architecture mag ‘KBH Magazine’. Now a digital publication only, the magazine published 32,000 monthly copies 2005-2010.
ubla logo
An architectural designer at UBLA – specializing in urban architecture and spaces.
manifesta logomark
CEO and creative head of communications agency ‘Manifesta’ in Copenhagen.